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Well, i am sorry if this offend you but I just am very pissed off now....

Why would you wanna get a doll when you're not earning enough money or you're a student who TAKES money from your parents. \

If you earn enough money, i don't mind you crying to me saying that YOU worry about your 3K dolls le... really.... even I have to be carefull at a 3K+ doll when i handle one (i don't dare to touch normally cos they are so pretty and expansive...)

You, the one that's not honest to your parents are your pasal. Please don't come crying to us saying that now your parents found out about the price and shit because of that small 1 pg article (another pg is a huge pic so i dun count)

and you should be smart to tell them the quality of your doll is NOT as expansive  like how they written on the newspaper, so who the hell tell you to say it's 2K or 3K?

and to ppl who DON"T own a doll, come on la...

it's not NOW only you know there is the existing of BJD's why now only you concern when shit already happen?

you make us sounds like we don't take care of our dolls ok?

and that really pissing me off as well.

Just to tell you the truth. WE FUCKING KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF OUR DOLL and to us, it's like a CHILD!

if you find it WEIRD, you can just stab your fucking eyes and go blind if you dun wanna see!!!

STOP telling me how to TAKE CARE of MY OWN CHILD!

if you got time to  go telling me HOW to take care of MY child, i hope you give as much time to YOUR child as well!!!!

Don't fucking come bother us with your non-sense!!!!!

Did we ever stab your child or say anything about your child now!? no rite!?

then why can't you just step down of this and shut the fuck up!!!!!!


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